Project description:

FLin€VET is a Leonardo da Vinci partnership aiming to advance the development of a sustained and shared framework of Financial Literacy and its core components in the context of European Vocational Education and Training (VET). To address this aim, the project brings together a group of partners with different missions and expertise in VET practice and research (e.g., Universities, VET Providers, Teachers and Teacher Trainers, Associations dealing with VET and labour market) from different countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom), and provides ample opportunities for explicating, communicating and possibly integrating the diverse voices of the Financial Literacy debate, shaping and fine-tuning them at the same time in order to cope with the specific requirements of VET.

  • To analyse and compare if and how Financial Literacy is actually represented and realized in existing national VET Programs of the participating countries.
  • To offer an arena for discussing the adequacy of existing Financial Literacy conceptions with respect to prevalent needs and wants in European VET.
  • To promote higher awareness, reflexivity, and critical knowledge of Financial Literacy in European VET and to point out critical issues that should be addressed in the future in the form of a wider project (e.g., Development or Transfer of Innovation).


  • Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training SFIVET
  • Berufsbildung Schweiz BCH | FPS, Svizzera
  • Goethe-Universtität, Germany
  • Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH, Germany
  • Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich – BFI – Oberösterreich, Austria
  • University of Birmingham, UK
  • Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale, Italy
  • Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal


10 05 2016
Meeting follow-up project in Frankfurt: 12-13 Mai 2016

04 07 2014
The last FLin€VET project meeting is over and we would like to thank everybody again for...

28 05 2014
The evaluation of the fifth FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section...

29 04 2014
The extended summary of the fifth FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section...

11 02 2014
The evaluation of the fourth FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section "monitoring...

28 11 2013
The extended summary of the fourth FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section...

14 11 2013
The fourth FLin€VET meeting is over. It was intensive and enriching. Thanks to all...

31 10 2013
The agenda of the 4th FLin€VET-meeting from November 6-8 in Linz is available...

22 08 2013
The evaluation of the third FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section...

01 07 2013
The extended summary of the third FLin€VET-meeting in Padua is now available in...

17 06 2013
Slides and Documents of the third FLin€VET-meeting in Padua are now available in...

28 05 2013
The agenda of the 3rd FLin€VET-meeting from June 6-8 in Padua is now available in...

17 04 2013
The evaluation of the second FLin€VET-meeting is now available in the section "monitoring...

03 04 2013
The extended summary of the second FLin€VET-meeting in Birmingham is now available...

21 02 2013
The agenda of the 2nd FLin€VET-meeting is available now in the section "meetings"

10 01 2013
The next FLin€VET-meeting is being organised and is going to take place from...

19 12 2012
Documents of the first FLin€VET-meeting in Zurich are now available in the section...

19 12 2012
The FLin€VET website is now available! On the website you can find descriptions of...

15 10 2012
Website under construction! The website will be available in November 2012

16 10 2012
First project meeting. November, 1-3, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

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